+++Astropathic Communique 201.817.M41+++
+Thought for the day: We are all but a weapon in the right hand of the Emperor.+

Originating Node: OB/CAL/D32/PW

To: Explorator Fabian Grax


It has come to my attention that you have recently participated in a series of expeditions in which you recovered or came into contact with artefacts of an archeotech nature. Indeed, I am even told that some of these artefacts may have been heretical and/or alien in nature. I am therefore highly concerned that you have been less than diligent in filing your regular updates. Although you may believe that your current assignment aboard that… rogue’s ship gives you a free hand to act as you wish and to keep your own secrets from our Order, you would be mistaken. You are therefore instructed to travel with immediate haste to Port Wander. I expect a full and detailed report upon your arrival, Explorator.

Signed by my own hand this day,

Magos Toronos

+++Message Ends+++


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