Rhilos Tenabra

Ship's Navigator


Homeworld: Gallowglass (Imperial World)
Career Path: Navigator
Motivation: Prestige

Quote: “To gaze into the warp is to look into the abyss. To understand insanity itself is to become insane. Worst of all is the knowledge that while you are gazing upon it, the warp is looking back at you and laughing.”

Rhilios is a favored son of the great Tenabra navigator clan. Over the millennia the Tenabra clan has garnered great power and influence thanks to the Imperium’s favor, and Rhilos himself wanted for nothing. Even so he felt caged by the convention and tradition demanded by his family. As a young man newly come into his rank and wealth Rhilos affects raking mannerisms and cares little for the petty concerns of life in the Imperium, yet he knows that for him, such a life is a thing that must one day pass. Fully embracing this wild, nihilistic attitude, he was naturally attracted to the service of the Rogue Trader Lucius Vorgen. Aboard the Emperor’s Bounty Rhilos strikes out into the darkness almost as if fleeing the inevitable mutation and slow descent into insanity that every Navigator must face. Regardless of his hubris Rhilos is the most naturally skilled Navigator the dynasty has employed in years, and he is essential to the successful operation of the Emperor’s Bounty.

Rhilos hopes to immortalize his name by locating a chain of calm, stable warp routes within the Expanse- a feat that has yet to be achieved by any Navigator. On occasion he accompanies away missions due to his unique insight into certain areas of knowledge. His true strength, however, lies in his supreme ability to guide a ship through the most dangerous shoals of the Warp.

Rhilos Tenabra

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