Nathin Tsanthos



By using a Fate Point Nathin can automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test in the minimum time required. In addition, he also adds one bonus degree of success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate test. With a wide range of other useful skills such as Tech-Use he is a jack-of-all trades of sorts, and he is also respectable fighter.


Homeworld: Spectoris (Imperial World)
Career Path: Seneschal
Motivation: Prestige

Quote: “The Expanse brims with stories waiting to be told.”

Nathin Tsanthos is a visionary and an elitist, a poor combination for the parochial Agri-world of Spectoris. He quietly arranged off-world transport with a bribe to the right free trader, and was soon on his way to becoming a much more cultured and educated man. In time, Tsanthos became obsessed with knowledge, pouring his efforts and wealth into obtaining a passage into the Koronus Expanse, where great discoveries awaited only his auto-quill to tell the tale. The Rogue Trader Lucius Vorgen encountered Tsanthos and found a kindred spirit; the scholar agreed to lend his knowledge to Vorgen’s designs (in return for influence and reputation), and Tsanthos accompanied the Rogue Trader on his voyages thereafter.

Nathin can recall obscure facts and legends in the blink of an eye. Yet his true desire is to see his discoveries and writings exalted one day as those of a pre-eminent scholar of the Expanse.

Nathin Tsanthos

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