Malakai Burtin

Ship's Confessor


Malakai’s Pure Faith ability means that he is virtually immune to Fear and Insanity, including the effects of daemonic presence. In addition, his Wrath of the Righteous talent allows him to spend a Faith Point to automatically deal maximum damage and thus triggering Righteous Fury on any one attack.


Homeworld: Mortressa (Death World)
Career Path: Missionary
Motivation: Endurance

Quote: “The God-Emperor preserved my life for a purpose- to spread His light into the darkness.”

A dedicated missionary of the Imperial Creed, Malakai Trent was one of the few survivors of the pilgrim vessel Pious Light, crippled in battle by piratical raiders. Malakai and the other survivors were rescued by Lucius Vorgen. Ever since, Malakai has travelled with Vorgen in order to lend the Rogue Trader’s dynasty the God-Emperor’s blessing and carry the Ecclesiarchy’s word to heathen planets beyond the Imperium. Like most Imperial missionaries, Malakai is a highly skilled fighter in close combat.

Malakai Burtin

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