Lucius Vorgen

Rogue Trader and Captain of the Emperor's Bounty


(Peer: Nobility, Peer: Inquisition)

As a free action once every round, Lucius may grant an ally who can see and hear him an +10 bonus to one test.


Homeworld: Phetus Prime (A small planet almost covered completely in salt water. A large number of islands in the southern hemisphere are where a majority of citizens reside. Weather and life in general on the planet is quite pleasant but tends to get uncomfortably hot during some of the summer months. The largest island holds the Vorgen’s family fortress.)

Career Path: Rogue Trader
Motivation: Renown (extra peer)
Quote: “Anyone can step in front of a parade and call themselves leader. A true leader would however be able to keep everyone marching in step to achieve a goal even when Abaddon himself blocks the path.”

Lucius was the youngest of three sons born to a wealthy family of Rogue Traders lead by his father, Lord Gral. Being the youngest, it was assumed Lucius would never hold the title of Rogue Trader as that right would fall upon the oldest son. Lucius was at peace with this fact and held much respect for his older brother.

In his early years, the Vorgen family and in particular Lord Gral weren’t happy with the actions of Lucius. Growing up, he was a womanizer and loved the party life outside of the time dedicated to training. Lucius had exceptionally good looks and that coupled with the fact he was wealthy made him highly desirable by many. But not all of his life revolved around decadence. Lucius underwent very intense combat and ship command training. During his training sessions, many instructors noted that at times he showed signs of pure brilliance both in his combat skills and his ability to lead. However, the greatest advantage Lucius seemed to have over others was the fact that especially during critical times…luck always seemed to shine on him. Conversely, Lucius was by no means the perfect pupil. He was defiant towards authority, questioned orders, and lacked enthusiasm for more mundane training. At times, instructors also criticized Lucius for risking too much for the sake of just a few crewmembers.

Lucius quickly had to grow up following the family’s involvement in the 12th Black Crusade and the death of his brother. Lucius eventually accepted the title of Rogue Trader and to this day has excelled in that role.

Many people who know Lucius would agree that he can quite literally be the life of the party. He has a great sense of humor and never turns down a drink. Upon first glance, he seems very fit, confident, and very handsome….but not quite someone you would think could lead men into battle. However, all agree that something seems to change in Lucius during combat situations. More than one person under his command swear he’s like an unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield. Lucius has single handedly turned the tide of battle after battle and saved a countless number of lives through his actions. No one of course complains about that or the fact there’s something rather unnatural in how he instills confidence in everyone around him.

Brief Family history:
The Vorgen family consists of a large number of family members that are well known in Imperial space as successful Rogue Traders. Gral Vorgen, lord of the Vorgen family empire, was a courageous Rogue Trader as was his father before him. Gral had two daughters and three sons. Lance was the oldest son and it was quickly assumed he would inherit the title as leader of the Vorgen family (and the Rogue Trader warrant). Crixus was the second oldest son who quickly became a sort of outcast amongst the other siblings. He was cruel, selfish, and notorious among all family members for being a back stabber. The youngest of the three sons was Lucius. Where Lance took orders without question, Lucius would always question those in command and suggest other courses of action. Even though at times Lance and Lucius came to blows over a few disagreements, they held a close brotherly bond.

The two daughters within the family are even younger than Lucius and neither have the ability nor desire to hold the Rogue Trader warrant. Genna, the oldest of the two daughters and only a year younger than Lucius, manages a very successful clothing business. Although she leads more of a life of leisure, she’s still respected among the other siblings and has a very caring personality. The youngest daughter(and youngest out of all the siblings) named Zoe was born crippled and never fully developed the ability to speak words even though her vocal cords appeared fully functional. Zoe was eventually evaluated as being abnormally intelligent but even so, many people treated her as less of a human because of her physical form and speech impediment. It should be noted that Lucius and Zoe have a very close bond and they got into more mischief together than their father would care to admit. Those close to the family always note how Zoe comes alive when Lucius returns home for a visit or family business. Some even note how its odd that she seems to know he’s returning even before Lucius is aware of the fact. On a side note, some attendants and family members are suspicious of Zoe as she seems to be able to predict events before they happen. One attendant even swore he saw random objects in the room floating around Zoe when he stumbled upon her late one night.

The Vorgen family hit a low point during the 12th Black Crusade due to the fact the family had no choice but to involve themselves in defense of the Imperium. Many lives and many ships collected by the family over the generations were lost during the ensuing battles and the family took multiple financial hits at this point in their history. On the battlefront, Lucius fought along side his older brother Lance time and time again while the second oldest son, Crixus always seemed to find clever ways to avoid direct conflict. During the final days of their involvement in the 12th Black Crusade, Lucius and Lance were overseeing the evacuation of a planet falling to Chaos forces. As the final shuttles were loading with refugees, the camp came under attack by horrible abominations that to this day still haunt Lucius. Lance made a desperate call to the remaining ships in orbit to bring down an orbital bombard just outside of the camp to buy some more time for the defenders. Lance’s strategy seemed to work at first as the bombardment started to cull the number of Chaos forces. During the final shuttle preparations, Lucius took one last look at Lance off in the distance who smiled back as he shouted, “Brother, the Emperor’s good fortune smiles upon us ag….” Just before Lance could finish his sentence, the camp erupted in violent swath of explosions that cut through the center of the camp. Lucius bore witness as his brother was flung through the air as one blast landed close to where he stood. In the midst of the ruin, Lucius (even though he was badly wounded himself) was able to find what was left of Lance. Lance was bearly recognizable and every one of his limbs had been seared away. The shuttle crew that retrieved Lucius reported that Lance whispered something just before taking his final breath. Even to this day, no one except Lucius knows what Lance’s final words were. Lucius was unfortunately the only survivor of the orbital bombardment strike on the camp. Of the thousands of refugees and Vorgen armsmen, for some reason luck favored Lucius..but only Lucius. Unbeknownst to Lucius, at that very time back on his home planet, Zoe nearly perished from a fever that struck her suddenly. Maybe there’s some connection? Who knows….

Lucius spent much time recovering both physically and mentally during the trip back to the Vorgen homeworld. His heart in particular had been damaged by shrapnel and had stopped beating for a few minutes following the departure from the refugee camp. Years later, he continued to struggle with sporadic heart complications until he was finally convinced to get a bionic implant.

Once the Vorgen’s involvement in the 12th Black Crusade ended, only a mere fraction of ships, family, and crew returned home. Upon the return, it was discovered that the cruiser named Game of Chance, which was under command of Crixus at the time, had bombarded the refugee camp which resulted in the death of Lance and thousands of others. Lord Gral called together all family members for an inquiry hearing. When under questioning from Lord Gral, Crixus initially claimed that it was a targeting error and a tragic mistake. The commanding crew onboard the ship Crixus also defended his actions vehemently. It was during these proceedings that Lucius brought forth evidence that showed gunnery crews heavily questioned the targeting orders and knew full well that the coordinates coincided with the refugee camp. Two crewmembers were even shot on site for refusing to fire. As Lucius presented even further proof of the assassination of Lance, Crixus went into a rage and shrieked how ridiculous the allegations were and how unfair it is that everyone adored Lance. Lord Gral called for silence and announced his decision to banish Crixus from the family. Lucius as well as many other family members were outraged and demanded more justice than a simple banishment. The complaints fell on deaf ears as Lord Gral ended the proceedings and quietly walked to back to his quarters with his attendants.

Crixus left the system with only two Frigates to his name. Rumors later surfaced that Crixus had managed to skim a great deal of money out of family business dealings and had amassed a great deal of his own wealth. Crixus is now head of his own self proclaimed family and to this day is considered an enemy of Lucius and most other Vorgen family members.

Since Lucius was next in line to inherit the Rogue Trader warrant, the honor befell him. However, it was a family tradition to take command of the Emperor’s Bounty to officially become a Rogue Trader. Unfortunately the ship had been heavily damaged during the 13th Black Crusade operations and required a great deal of time to make repairs. Ironically, Lucius was forced to take temporary command of the very ship that killed his brother, the Game of Chance. Lord Gral thought it would be best to delay the ceremony to declare Lucius a Rogue Trader in the family name and instead send him out to garner more experience as a leader.

Just prior to returning home upon word that the Emperor’s Bounty was near full operation, Lucius was involved in a lucrative trade deal at a distant system that was recently colonized. Unbeknownst to all but a few key people, Lucius had also provided transport for an Inquisitor that had wished to maintain a low profile. Lucius didn’t know the mission of the Inquisitor and also knew better than to ask too many questions. During a dinner to celebrate the successful negotiations, panic swept through the local colonies when it was learned of an impending Tyranid invasion. Lucius promised the service of his ship to help in defense of the planet to the shock of the colonists (especially to the shock of the Inquisitor). Early during the initial defense, explosions triggered throughout the cruiser and Lucius quickly realized it was a going away present from Crixus. Tyranid pod ships quickly starting assaulting the drifting cruiser. Although the Game of Chance was lost, through the quick actions of Lucius, many crewmembers were able to get to shuttles and escape with their lives even with swarms of Tyranids boarding the ship. Lucius shared the final shuttle with the Inquisitor and a mix of the ship crew along with the Inquistor’s five-man squad of Deathwatch. Lucius put out a distress call and was surprised to hear an response from a nearby ship called the Persecutor. Lucius docked with the ship and was greeted by a Tech-Adept named Fabian Grax. Lucius and the other survivors were horrified by the horrific remains of crewmembers in their path as they made their way to the bridge. Fabian quickly explained that they had suffered greatly in transit and lost nearly all their crew due to the Gellar field failing. Once on the bridge, Lucius and Fabian were eventually able to escape with their lives even with a close call due to a few Tyranids that managed to board the ship.

From this little adventure, Lucius ended up earning the respect and friendship of the Inquisitor that he originally provided transportation. To this day they still occasionally cross paths and provide information and favors to the other. Most importantly, Lucius realized the potential of the Tech-Adept known as Fabian Grax from their short time working together. Upon his ascendance as a Rogue Trader, Lucius pulled a few strings to ensure that Fabian would be assigned to him. To his surprise, it was much easier than he expected to have Fabian assigned to his command. Ever since then, although they have highly differing personalities, Lucius considers Fabian to be his best friend and one of the few people he can completely trust. Fabian was also the one responsible for finally convincing Lucius to get a bionic implant due to his intermittent heart issues. This was a noteworthy task because Lucius hated the idea of getting the implant and ignored other friends and family who begged him to go through with it.

Present times, Lucius is now far more of a leader than he used to be prior to his early training days. He has almost a super-human ability to keep those under his command fighting even when it seems there’s little hope of surviving. And although his womanizing days are over, he still enjoys the company of women and loves to flirt with a pretty face. As strong and determined Lucius appears on the outside, only those closest to Lucius (Fabian Grax being one of the few) know of the inner turmoil in his heart over the loss of one brother through the betrayal of the other brother.

Lucius Vorgen

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