Lorayne Thornhallow

First Mate



Lorayne can direct her comrades to be prepared for danger by lending her Intelligence bonus (4) for all initiative rolls rather than their individual Agility bonuses. Lorayne herself gains an additional +2 Initiative bonus and a +2 bonus to Damage when using any boltgun in combat. Finally, Lorayne excels at Intimidation and she also possesses the Medicae skill.


Homeworld: Veneris (Imperial World)
Career Path: Arch-Militant
Motivation: Vengeance
Quote: “The taste of both war and revenge is sweet upon my tongue. I hunger for more.”

Lorayne Thornhallow has been many things: mercenary, bounty hunter, and now bodyguard to Rogue Trader Lucius Vorgen. Lorayne led a normal life on the Shrine World of Veneris until her 17th year. A merchant’s greed ruined her family’s fortune and drove her brother to suicide. Consumed by anger and despair, Lorayne left her home world and wandered, learning the ways of war as a soldier for hire and then as a bounty hunter, until she finally tracked down her prey and made the merchant pay dearly for his ill-gotten gains. Lucius Vorgen then took her on as his own bodyguard, and she has stayed with him since.

Lorayne is a master of ranged combat, particularly when using her customized Locke-pattern boltgun. She lives for the thrill of the hunt and enjoys the hot-blooded rush of battle.

Lorayne Thornhallow

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