Garious Trell

Chief Astropath


Homeworld: Baraspine planetary orbital
Career Path: Astropath Transcendent
Motivation: Endurance

Quote: “I am soul-bound to the Emperor, and through His grace, I speak across the voids.”

The Astropath named Garious Trell has led a difficult life even by the harsh standards of the 41st millennium. Garious grew up as an orphan on the Baraspine-prime trade orbital, living in air ducts and stealing or scavenging what food he could to survive. At age 13 he found himself aboard one of the Inquisition’s Black Ships after being identified as a latent psyker. Once onboard he spent two years in the hellish pit of that nameless prison-ship. The other prisoners howled with constant despair, as if they knew what fate awaited them, yet a surge of determination blazed within Garious. He vowed that whatever the Inquisition had in store for him, he would survive. Garious survived the Inquisition’s tests of purity; he survived the soul-binding ritual; and he has, as of yet, survived the Expanse.

It takes a special type of Astropath to serve on the fringes of what is known, for such Astropaths must be both hard-hearted and savvy if they are to persevere. Garious has both qualities in spades. Where other Astropaths are slowly driven mad by what they describe as cold, alien thoughts echoing in the black gulfs of the Expanse, where others find themselves growing increasingly alone the further out they travel from the psychic voices of their fellows, Garious perseveres. In truth, he is both respected and a little feared by his contemporaries.

Garious is an extremely dour and reserved individual, yet he boasts a soul forged of cold steel. As a psyker of considerable potency his greatest strengths are, of course, his ability to communicate across the stars as well as his resistance to corruption.

Garious Trell

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