Dominik Van Goren

First Lieutenant


Dominik may re-roll all failed Pilot tests with small craft (shuttles, heavy lifters, guncutters, starfighters, etc.).


Homeworld: Scintilla (Imperial Sector Capitol)
Career Path: Void-Master
Motivation: Fortune

Quote: “My destiny lies amongst the stars. I shall wrest it from the void, whatever may come.”

The eighth son of a Battlefleet Calixis Admiral, Dominik’s aristocratic upbringing afforded him a near-unique opportunity to strike out on his own. He left behind his grasping siblings and the stifling restrictions of the Battlefleet elite, and took his knowledge of voidfaring to the fringe of Imperial space. In time, he became a true expert in small craft handling- a perfect fit for Lucius Vorgen’s need for a pilot.

Domink’s main concern is making his fortune with wealth he earned rather than inherited. He is a well-rounded combatant, imposing and formidable in appearance. He is also, above all else, a highly gifted pilot.

Dominik Van Goren

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