Rogue Trader: Into the Dark Void

Lure of the Expanse

Warp travel by the first magelord

After months of searching through some of the most hostile and horrific sites in the Expanse, the battered Emperor’s Bounty finally discovered the legendary Dread Pearl. Alas, the treacherous Eldar were loathe to let mere humans despoil their world. Rather than let the Dread Pearl fall they chose to enclose it within the impassable warp-storms once again. The officers of the Emperor’s Bounty escaped through a webway gate and found themselves once more on the uninhabited jungle world of Quppa-Psi-12.

In typical fashion the Explorers began to assess the world’s potential for profit. As long as the more voracious insectoid lifeforms were regularly purged, it appeared to be an ideal new home for the few thousand surviving Sanctarchs. A preliminary survey of the nearby mountains revealed possible deposits of precious metals.

Within a week the Emperor’s Bounty arrived over Quppa-Psi-12 with the Nihontu. Lady Sun Lee thanked Lucius Vorgen for his assistance and took her leave. Meanwhile, the Emperor’s Bounty left a small detachment to guard the new colony before heading back into the void. First on the order of business was finding a friendly port where the Bounty could settle in for some extended repairs… and the crew for some well-deserved rest.

After considering his options, Vorgen ordered a course to the nearby world of Damaris. While not officially a world of the Imperium, Damaris is almost unique within the Expanse: a prosperous and secure Imperial-aligned colony.

While the Dread Pearl is lost forever, the Vorgen Dynasty nontheless amassed incredible profit contacting new worlds, opening new trade routes and recovering valuable artefacts. Once their ship is repaired the Explorers will have much opportunity to take advantage of their Dynasty’s new-found wealth… if they can defend what they have earned.



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