Above: The Emperor’s Bounty arrives at Damaris.

Welcome to the Koronus Expanse, Explorer.

Here you will find a wealth information pertaining to the activities of the Vorgen Rogue Trader Dynasty in the late 41st Millenium. Major points of interest include a background of the Koronus Expanse as well as the neighboring Calixis Sector, particularly focusing on locations where the Vorgen Dynasty has a vested interest. Also included are profiles of the senior officers and other persons of note aboard His Holy Emperor’s Ship the Emperor’s Bounty. This archive will, of course, continue to grow along with the deeds of the Dynasty.

Signed by my own hand on this first day of the 817th year of the 41st Millenium,

Nathin Tsanthos
Chief Intelligence Officer of the Emperor’s Bounty
Loyal Servant to Lucius Vorgen

Rogue Trader: Into the Dark Void

Fabian Lucius_Vorgen